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About the Creator

5Ol2OvSr_400x400Catie Joyce Bulay quit her job in 2015, and spent the summer hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with her husband (yes, the whole thing –read about it here). They relocated to Washington state, where her husband found his dream job. She is currently working on finding hers.

She has written for Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, elephantjournal, and Rebelle Society, among others, and is the author of the blogs The Approximate Yogi, and Going Wherever It Leads. She currently writes a blog for Tourism Walla Walla, and is in the process of editing her first novel.

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Links to some of her work:

“And Then There was the Dress: How I Accidentally Became a Bride,” Huffington Post

“The Secret to Happiness in Your 30s,” Rebelle Society

“Rumi, Dharma, and Passion,” elephantjournal

“The Neutral Mind: What it is and how to cultivate it,” MindBodyGreen





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