The Passion Project

An exploration of passionate people and the work they do.

About the Project

The Passion Project is an exploration of passionate people, the jobs they love, and the lives surrounding them. In writing their profiles, it isn’t the job I’m drawn to, but the people. How they feel about this job, what they say about it. I search for that something –that spark that leads people to declare – I love my job! That is what I want to explore. People who talk like this:

“When Barbara McClintock was asked how she learned so much from a microscope, she replied, ‘Well, you know, when I look at a cell, I get down in that cell and look around. You’re not conscious of anything else…You are so absorbed that even small things get big…Nothing else matters…When you’re doing something like this, the depth of your thinking is very penetrating. You can feel the intensity of it.'”

     –Barbara McClintock, scientist, Nobel Prize winner (The Sweet Breathing of Plants)

and this:

“[T]he more I observed chocolate, the more I became active with it. My daily experiments became conversations, and the conversations led to questions. Chocolate was not static or stable…It was more beautiful and intoxicating and frustrating than I had ever imagined! … It demanded that I approach it each day with more questions than I had had for it the day before.”

            —Kate Shaffer, owner/chef of Black Dinah Chocolatiers, Zest Magazine, 2015

Passion has been an interest of mine since I first learned the word. Growing up, I’d always felt in my heart that I would have a job that I was passionate about. Somewhere, though, I got off course.

Over the last few years, finding myself in a job I was not passionate about, I became even more obsessed with the idea. In searching for it in myself, I began to find it in others.

The Passion Project aims to answer these questions: What does it look like to have a job you love? To live your passion? To work it? Is passion sustainable? Is it malleable? Is it inherent in only certain people?

As the project unfolds, a narrative in and of itself has been created, and is growing into something beyond its original conception. Join me in this journey.


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